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P37171-001 HPE 800GB SAS 12G MU SFF SC PM6 SSD

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P37171-001 HPE 800GB SAS 12G MU SFF SC PM6 SSD. New Bulk Zero Hours Product.

Option Part Number: P26290-B21
Spare Part Number: P37171-001
Manufacturer: HP
Device Type: Solid State Drive
Capacity: 800gb
Form Factor: Sff
Plug Type: Hot-plug
Carrier Type:  Sc
Port: Sas-24gbps
Power Consumption: 6.24 Watts
P26290-B21 is compatible with these G10 HP Servers and Storage Systems
Proliant BL Series: BL460c (G10) 
Proliant DL Series: DL20 (G10) DL60 (G10) DL80 (G10) DL160 (G10)
Proliant DL Series: DL325 (G10) DL360 (G10) DL380 (G10) DL385 (G10 G10+) DL388 (G10)
Proliant DL Series: DL560 (G10) DL580 (G10) 
Proliant ML Series: ML30 (G10) ML110 (G10) ML350 (G10) 
Proliant XL Series: XL230k (G10) 
Synergy Series: 480 (G10) 660 (G10) D3940   
P26290-B21 is backwards compatible with these G8-G9 HP Servers and Storage Systems
Proliant BL Series: BL420c (G8 G9) BL460c (G8 G9) BL465c (G8 G9) BL660c (G8 G9) 
Proliant DL Series: DL20 (G9) DL60 (G9) DL80 (G9) DL120 (G8 G9) DL160 (G8 G9) DL180 (G8 G9) DL320e (G8 G9) DL360 (G8 G9)
Proliant DL Series: DL360e (G8 G9) DL360p (G8 G9) DL388 (G9) DL380 (G8 G9) DL380e (G8 G9)
Proliant DL Series: DL380p (G8 G9) DL385 (G10) DL388 (G10) DL385p (G8 G9) DL560 (G8 G9) DL580 (G8 G9) 
Proliant ML Series: ML30 (G9) ML110 (G8 G9) ML150 (G8 G9) ML310e (G8 G9) ML350 (G8 G9) ML350e (G8 G9) ML350p (G8 G9) 
Proliant SL Series: SL230s (G8 G9) SL250s (G8 G9) SL270s (G8 G9) 
Proliant XL Series: XL170r (G9) XL190r (G9) XL220a (G9) XL230a (G9) XL250a (G9) 
HP Storage Arrays: D3700 D2220sb StoreEasy 1830 1840 
Synergy Series: 680 (G9) D3940



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