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846610-001 HPE 6TB 12G 7.2K 3.5” SAS G8/G10 SC Hard Drive

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6 Terabyte, 512e Advanced Format, Mid Line, SAS hard drive with a Data Transfer Rate of 1.2 Gigabytes per second and bundled with a SmartCarrier tray. The 846610-001 is a 512e Advanced Format drive and is for G8 and G9 HPE Proliant Servers.

  • Model Number: MB6000JVYZD
  • Manufacturer: HPE
  • Capacity: 6 Terabyte
  • Enclosure: Internal
  • Form Factor: 3.5 Inch Large Form Factor
  • Rotation Speed: 7200Rpm
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1.2 Gigabytes per second
  • Seek Time: 7.45ms
  • Drive Features: 512e Advanced Format

The 846610-001 is compatible with the following HPE Proliant Servers:

Gen 10:

  • DL Series: DL360 (G10), DL380 (G10), DL385 (G10), DL560 (G10),
  • ML Series: ML350 (G10),

Gen 9:

  • BL Series: BL420c (G9), BL460c (G9), BL465 (G9),
  • DL Series: DL120 (G9), DL160 (G9), DL180 (G9), DL320e (G9), DL360e (G9), DL380e (G9), DL388 (G9),
  • ML110 Series: ML110 (G9), ML150 (G9), ML310e (G9), ML360 (G9),

Gen 8:

  • BL Series: BL420c (G8), BL460c (G8), BL465c (G8),
  • DL Series: DL120 (G8), DL160 (G8), DL180 (G8), DL320e (G8), DL360e (G8), DL380e (G8),
  • ML110 Series: ML110 (G8), ML150 (G8), ML310e (G8), ML350 (G8), ML350e (G8),
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